Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sulfur 8 Hair Products - Do they make your hair grow?

 I am always  scouring the shelves of health food and beauty supply stores for hair care products to blog about that promote hair growth.  I couldn't help but focus in on an oldy, "Sulfur 8" hair and scalp conditioner. Goodness, take me back to days of my childhood.  I remember my mother using that funny smelling grease on my hair.  I remember thinking-and being told, that anything that smelled like that surely must be good for your hair. It seems that there is some truth to that.

Let's take a look at this old-time hair growth stimulator.

What is Sulfur 8"

Sulfur 8 is a medicated hair and scalp conditioner that has been in use for over fifty years for elimination and control of scalp itching and flaking due to dandruff. 

"Sulfur 8" is 2% sulfur. This is important because the hair is composed of keratin which is held together by  sulfur bonds. Sulfur is also important in the body for the growth of hair, bone and nails. So, yes, "Sulfur 8" will probably stimulate hair growth with regular use. Also, according to the label, it can be used for dandruff, 1-4 times daily, or as directed by a physician. For hair growth, it is recommended for daily use.

Now, for the downside. "Sulfur 8"  contains: petrolatum, lanolin sorbitan trioleate, polysorbate-81, mineral oil, menthol, triclosan and fragrance.These ingredients are reasons for concern for those who are trying to eliminate some of the chemicals in the beauty products that they use.

Here's a breakdown of  "Sulfur 8 " ingredients:

Petrolatum and mineral oil - has had concerns regarding its ability to block hair follicles therefore robbing moisture from the hair and causing dryness.

Menthol - A herbal compound that is useful in stimulating hair growth.  It is also good for eczema, dandruff and psoriasis.

Triclosan - Is an anti-bacterial that raises some concerns regarding over exposure to antibiotics.

Sorbitan trioleate - Preservative in cosmetics that can cause skin irritation.

Polysorbate -81 - Another perservative that can cause reproductive and neurotoxic effects.

If you can get past the chemicals, you have a hair preparation that will probably help promote growth.  However, for those who object,  it is always best to make your own.

Many of the natural ingredients: menthol and sulfur, can be purchased at a health food store. They can then be added to natural oils such as olive oil, shea butter or castor oil to make a really healthful, growth promoting hair treatment.

I will be following this article with ideas for do-it-yourself hair moisturizers and conditioners.


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